Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science

IMACS offers a mathematics enrichment program to K-6th grade students at Kirk Day School.  Students learn higher level math and advanced logical thinking through lively and innovative methods.  A combination of fun games, logic puzzles, problem-solving and other intellectually exciting activities help students develop logical and critical thinking skills. Call 314-569-4184 or visit for more information.

Lego Robotics Club

This S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based educational program for K-6th grade teaches students how to design and build educational models including motorized machines with moving parts and remote controls.  Older students are introduced to robotics and programming using the LEGO ® Mindstorm Robotics Program.  In addition to being just pain fun, this program prepares students for S.T.E.M. based programs in secondary school. Visit for more information.

STEAM Enrichment

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) is a hands-on class offering advanced learning opportunities to high ability learners.  STEAM begins preparing bright young minds for future careers requiring the ability to utilize mathematics and technology tools to analyze and interpret data for critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. More information can be found here.

Chess Club

K-6th grade students may be schooled in the historic game of chess. En Passant Chess Club Director and Vice President of Gateway Chess League, Mr. Gabriel Boyd teaches students at Kirk Day School to hone their concentration, decision making and strategic thinking skills.  In a technologically driven world, children who play chess strengthen mental clarity, use higher-order thinking skills, and recognize complex patterns. To participate, please complete the registration form and return to the school office.




AHG is a nationally known premier scouting organization for girls offered at Kirk Day School to those in K-6th grade. Troop MO9522 offers girls opportunities to build relationships and learn valuable life skills in a welcoming God-honoring environment. Events include earning badges, PJ movie night, Father/Daughter Picnic, Chocolate Extravaganza and service projects. For more information, please contact Jennifer Mazzoni at