The philosophical foundation of Kirk Day School is the historic Christian faith, which is revealed in the Bible and summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. This Christian faith is the foundation of the school’s entire existence, including its doctrinal and ethical instruction, its academic program, its teaching methods, and its community life. KDS seeks to integrate this faith into all aspects of its mission and to specifically teach all subjects from a distinctively Christian perspective. The school strives to exalt Christ, the Creator, Redeemer, and Ruler of all creation, in all aspects of knowledge and learning.

God makes truth available to us from two sources: His works of creating and governing all the affairs of this world and the special revelation from Him found in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  From these two sources, we learn truth concerning the whole of life.  Although Scripture is not to be regarded as a textbook for modern science, it presents truth in whatever it states or implies about the whole realm of knowledge.  At the same time, truth as it is found in God’s general revelation (creation) may enlighten the meaning of Scripture at many points.  However, because of its verbal character, Scripture speaks with a unique authority about the world in which we live and how we are to live in it.

The consummate revelation of truth has found its permanent embodiment in the person of Jesus Christ.  In Him alone is found the perfect balance of service to God and man, of dominion over the creation, of the selfless use of knowledge to benefit humankind and glorify God.  Of particular interest to the school is the enlightening of the mind by which the Holy Spirit brings us out of ignorance and enables us to understand all things in the light of God’s self-revelation.

It is in seeing humanity as a recipient of revelation from God that the educational task of Kirk Day School is to be carried forward.  To gain true knowledge, one must acknowledge and know God because He is the source of all truth.  The basis of our understanding is not only to think God’s thoughts after Him, but also to rediscover, reason, and interpret the world of people and ideas using the redemptive, propositional, and ethical truths of the Bible.  To us, all facts are theistic facts—nothing exists outside God’s creation and providence.  Both teacher and student should be seen as bearing in themselves the image of God, and therefore capable of thinking God’s thoughts after Him.

The home, the school, and the church must work in harmony if children are to be educated to the full extent of their God-given ability.  Like the home and church, KDS is a place where Christ’s forgiveness, reconciliation, renewal, and wisdom abound.  Kirk Day School’s role is to instruct students to believe, reason, understand the issues of life, and act with the mind of Christ.  Our school acknowledges no secular realm, but rather affirms that all of life is God-created, and is thus open to us in our inquiry into truth, for God’s glory. We endeavor to bring all thought and action into captivity for Christ.

Students in Kirk Day School are exposed to the major categories of learning and research to equip them not only for further academic pursuits, but for life itself.  Our goal is to lead students into the highest academic levels of which they are capable.  Our higher goal, however, remains the formation of persons who have begun to realize their fullest capabilities as persons made in the image of God.  Achieving this goal will involve self-perception on the deepest level, a capacity to interact constructively with other people, and an ability to maintain personal integrity in a context of constant pressure from a variety of sources.

Kirk Day School teaches “the whole counsel of God for the whole man.”  This summary statement does not intend to suggest that all truth shall be taught, but that so far as possible, all that is taught shall be well-rounded truth—truth to be judged ultimately according to the eternal standards of our Creator and Redeemer.