Elementary School

Educating for Today

Kirk Day School provides a Christian environment where children are led in work and play by qualified teachers who are concerned with each child’s intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical development. Our program offers age appropriate instruction in math, science, reading and language skills, history, Bible, foreign language, instrumental and vocal music, art, and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Chapel services are held weekly, and God’s Word is integrated into every area of the academic program.


At Kirk Day School, we are committed to a traditional educational program which nurtures each child as an individual, encourages a strong work ethic, and reflects a Biblical world view. This is evident in our excellent faculty and staff. The instructors who greet our students each morning have chosen to teach at KDS not only because they love children, but also because they have been called to the teaching profession and view their work as a ministry. We seek teachers who are mature, thinking Christians, exercising their calling in the classroom by utilizing an excellent curriculum and proven teaching techniques. Our teachers pray with and for their students, model the love of Christ, and mentor each child.


Preparing for Tomorrow

Our children are taught to become independent thinkers, taking the written or spoken idea, whatever its source, and measuring it by the Word of God. Children are taught and encouraged to respect and love other individuals.

High academic standards are sought, to give our students the best possible tools with which to fulfill their roles as Christians in the world. They are equipped to be stewards and caretakers of themselves, of others, and of all of God’s creation. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the school and are given responsibility for tasks and opportunities to solve problems. The children become acquainted with real need in the community and are encouraged to become actively involved.

An education that is glorifying to God must strive for the covenant child to come to the point, through Christian nurture, where in the depth of his being and in every situation, he glorifies God. This happens when the student and teacher explore every aspect of created order together, evaluating every idea in light of the eternal standard of God’s Word. Our goal is to help our students see themselves as they really are, not as the center of the universe, but in relation to God – who is the center of the universe. Students explore knowledge under the leadership of godly teachers who help them develop the critical thinking skills necessary to discern wisdom in the midst of knowledge. We are preparing children today to impact God’s world tomorrow.