While we raise our children to function in the world as representatives of God’s Kingdom, we’re smart to pay attention to the fact that their interactions at all levels of society are going to be increasingly and inevitably multicultural.
— Reverend Ben Porter, Associate Pastor Kirk of the Hills

We are all created in God's image, and our school reflects the diverse nature of His creation and prepares our students to participate fully in its richness.  Families at Kirk Day School come from backgrounds which span the globe, reflected in the wide array of smiling faces greeting you as you walk through our halls.

Worldview Response to Race Professional Development Series

Sabrine Rhodes led the KDS faculty professional development day on the topic of, “Cultural Responsiveness with a Gospel Lens.”  This is the first in a series of faculty training sessions on issues related to diversity within our community.



International Exchange

International students Joshua and Joseph Kim from South Korea studied at Kirk Day School for two years during their father’s fellowship at Washington University.  They became an integral part of the Kirk Day School community building friendships and growing in faith.  Joseph, who studied in the 1st and 2nd grade classes at KDS, said that he will miss having fun with his American friends and playing soccer at recess.  Joshua who studied in the 5th and 6th grade classes while at KDS said, “I will miss all my friends, awesome teachers, and American food.”  Both brothers have plans to keep in touch with their friends through email and some day return to visit.

"I like the friends that I have made here at Kirk Day School and I will miss them very much.  In Korea, we do not have recess or D.E.A.R. time, which I have really enjoyed.  My favorite class has been P.E. and my favorite food is pizza but when I am in Korea I like to eat kimchi and bulgogia.  The teachers at KDS are all kind and helpful.  When I am a grown up, I will always remember the girls in my class and the friends that I have made during my time spent with you here at Kirk Day School."

Ina Yoon
4th Grade International Student

Kirk Day School Families

Pieris Family Photo.jpg

“When we moved to St. Louis from Sri Lanka, our search for a school with an authentic Christian education that sought to integrate the Word of God into every aspect of the curriculum and other activities of the school led us to Kirk Day School.  We have discovered that the teachers at KDS love our children and are nurturing in them a deep desire to know our God who has redeemed us more fully.”

Shantha and Shayani Pieris
Kirk Day School Parents

“We grew up in Africa in very traditional family-based Christian communities. Our life's journey took us across continents first to Europe and finally to America which has since become our home. We had no immediate family here and had always been very concerned about how we would raise our children in an environment that seemed so foreign to us in many ways. After a trial in the public school system, we found welcome familiarity in the Christ-centered culture at Kirk Day School. Our first daughter is a 2014 graduate, and we have two other children working their way through the Kirk Community.  For us, Kirk Day School provides not just an excellent academic education but also a loving community that has supported us in nurturing and reinforcing our Christian values in the lives of our children.”

Dr. Roland & Dupe Akinyede
Kirk Day School Parents

Operation Cooperation

Third grade students at KDS are given opportunities over the course of the school year to meet and play games with children of different faiths residing within the broader St. Louis community. Third grade students from St Monica's Catholic School, Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, Al Manara Academy, and Kirk Day School meet four times a year to enjoy a snack and some creative challenge games together.  Our kids and parents have loved this event and praise God for giving us the opportunity to build friendships with people whose cultures are very different from ours.

Read more about Kirk Day School's participation in this innovative cross-cultural initiative in a special feature by West NewMagazine.

Byeong Man An, King's Kids English Kindergarten Principal, with former KDS Head of School Sue Pitzer.

Byeong Man An, King's Kids English Kindergarten Principal, with former KDS Head of School Sue Pitzer.

King's Kids English Kindergarten

Kirk Day School has formed a partnership of cultural and pedagogical exchange with King's Kids English Kindergarten.  Kirk Day School faculty and staff have been invited to speak in Korea on the topics of Christian education and the philosophy of KDS.  Our teachers have been invited to participate in a unique professional exchange program as well.