One hour each day is devoted to the social and emotional growth of each child at Kirk Day School.  Through lively conversations with peers at lunchtime, and both imaginative and team play opportunities at recess, children learn through their interactions with one another.  This fun-filled part of the day gives students time to refresh and refuel.


The KDS Kitchen serves daily hot lunches with the help of both friendly kitchen staff and parent volunteers. Parents are invited to stop by school and dine with their children or to bring a birthday treat on their child's special day.  Lunch is a loud boisterous time full of laughter, conversation and socialization with friends from other homeroom classes.  Lunchtime concludes as students gather at the doors to race outside for recess.

Lunches are $4.25 per meal, which include a choice of milk or water and may be ordered by the month.  Milk and bottled water are available at a price of 50 cents for those who bring their lunch.


Recess immediately follows lunch and is a time for children to race around the playground and vast outside spaces to expend some energy while playing fun childhood games. Typically, our preschool through 1st grade students will have more than one recess each day.  Children may be found playing soccer, kickball, basketball, football, tether-ball and much, much more.  Whether students prefer pick-up games of selected sports or to play something involving a knight or an alien, fun on the playground is only limited by the imagination.  In addition to classroom lessons, children learn through play, interacting with one another, and solving problems together.  If the weather is inclement, Kirk Day School is blessed with a large gymnasium that is used for gross-motor play on indoor recess days.

Outdoor Recess

Indoor Recess