Academic Excellence


Kirk Day School sets the benchmark for academic excellence within the Christian elementary school community.


Kirk Day School not only prepares students to meet the academic rigors of college preparatory high schools but equips them with the Christian foundations necessary to navigate moral and spiritual decision making.

Proven Academics

Kirk Day School’s challenging academic curriculum equips students with the educational foundations necessary to succeed with excellence at the secondary school level and beyond. Our goal is to lead students to the highest academic levels they are capable of achieving through individualized instruction, expert faculty, and a proven curriculum.
Kirk Day School’s academic strength is safeguarded through:
  • Rigorous oversite from accrediting institutions
  • Meticulous annual review of curriculum subject-by-subject
  • Comprehensive yearly standardized testing in grades K – 6
  • Extensive faculty professional development & continuing education
  • Systematic tracking of alumni performance

Christian Perspective

The Christian faith is the foundation of the school’s entire existence, including its doctrinal and ethical instruction, its academic program, its teaching methods, and its community life. KDS seeks to integrate this faith into all aspects of a student’s experience and to specifically teach all subjects from a distinctively Christian perspective.  

The home, the school, and the church should ideally work in harmony if children are to be educated to the full extent of their God-given ability. Our school is a place where Christ’s forgiveness, reconciliation, and wisdom abound. Kirk Day School’s role is to instruct students to practice critical thinking, engage their world thoughtfully and to do these things all with a mind for Christ.

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