The co-curricular program at KDS is primary, not secondary, in importance to the development of the child. It stands with, not below, the “academic” curriculum. Students participate in Art, Foreign Language, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Physical Education and Literature Enrichment.

Kirk Day School recognizes that children are each created with their own unique gifts and a curriculum that is balanced in its emphasis on academics and the necessary co-curricular subject areas will enhance these blessings, resulting in a more well-rounded individual.


Children learn in multiple ways through a variety of strategies.  The co-curricular classes give students opportunities to learn more about their academic subjects or themes through hands-on creative art projects, vocal and instrumental music, foreign language and culture, as well as literature enrichment.  Subjects taught in the homeroom classes can be expanded upon and vividly brought to life for students to tangibly experience during their co-curricular time.

God’s word teaches that each child is a unique creation of God, valuable in His sight and created in His image. If a Christian school is to educate the whole person, and if it desires to be more than just an academically excellent institution in a Christian setting, then it must be certain that its mission and every practical outworking of that mission is consistent with a Biblical understanding of the learner and the teacher, of knowledge and of the whole created order.