Teachers at Kirk Day School work with all students to develop critical thinking skills as they are challenged to examine everything they learn in light of scripture. As a covenantal school, we recognize that our families have children with a wide range of learning needs, including those needing to be academically challenged and those identified as twice-exceptional.  Consult services are available to assist classroom teachers and parents in developing program modifications to challenge the academically gifted through a variety of approaches, including but not limited to compacting, alternative curriculum and tiered groups. When gifted children are supported and challenged, they will be more confident in their abilities.

An Individualized Support Plan (ISP) may be developed in cooperation with the classroom teacher, parents and other professionals for students identified as academically gifted.   The ISP is then implemented by the classroom teacher and co-curricular teachers within the general education setting.  Through the individualized plan for instruction, the Kirk Day School Gifted Program addresses each student's unique needs for an accelerated and challenging academic program while offering a framework for attaining social and emotional growth.

The strategies and tactics used at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Bone dissection


“We have a bright child who needs to be involved and stimulated academically.  With prayer and a customized/advanced curriculum where needed, our daughter is exceeding all our expectations.  KDS’s safe, warm and inviting environment in concert with the devoted faculty and staff, give her the atmosphere she needs to excel. Together with KDS, we are preparing her to go into this world, and be the person God intends her to be.”

Bart and Katie Truitt