A Vision for Christian Education

What is it, exactly, that makes Christian education at Kirk Day School distinctive?  The best way to answer that is to describe the distinctives of our purpose, our principles, and our practice.  If we desire to educate covenant children well and seek to be more than just an educationally excellent institution in a Christian setting, then we must take care that our mission and the practical outworking of that mission are, in every respect, consistent with what the Bible teaches about the whole of God’s created order.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assist Christian parents in the nurture of Covenant children, educating them in a Christian world and life view, according to the truth of God’s Word, equipping them to be disciples of Christ, impacting His world.

Our Principles

When we translate that vision into the principles that drive the fulfillment of our purpose and mission, we recognize that all we do as an institution must be sifted through the “grid of Scripture.”  How we teach (learning and motivation theory), what we teach (curriculum development), how we treat people (leadership style, organizational structure, relationships with our students, parents, and the watching world), how we administer our extra-curricular activities (athletics, recess, lunch-time, field trips, special programs), indeed all that we do here must be consistent with God’s plan for His people and His world.  In other words, if what we teach is the only thing we do Christianly, we’ve missed the boat and our principles do not reflect our purpose.


Our Practice

We can say all we want about how we fulfill our purpose here at KDS.  The proof, however, of our success at doing that remains in the lives of our students and our alumni.  Our students, their families, our graduates, and their friends in the community are the best judges of how well our practice matches our purpose and our principles.  We are training heirs of the covenant for kingdom service.  As our covenant children grow in their understanding of who they are in God’s world, and as they learn the truth of God’s Word and His call for them to be His disciples, they will indeed impact His world as true servants.